8th- 9th Grade

NEW! Now offering PRE-ALGEBRA class!

PRE-ALGEBRA CLASS (using Saxon Algebra 1/2 book, 3rd edition)


SAXON Math is a proven instructional design that gives all students the structure

they need to succeed. The incremental approach, continual review, and ongoing cumulative

assessment ensure long-term mastery.

If you're not sure whether your student is ready for this level,

contact Mrs. Clark at 214.682.9117.

This course will prepare the student for further upper-level math courses as well as upper-level science courses. We will investigate situations involving linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential and rational functions. Master problems using a variety of polynomials (with first degree) using the four operations and the first degree, and use inverse operations to solve variables in a formula. Do not let all that fancy terminology scare you, it will be fun! This is a full year course that meets 2 days per week for 1 hour per class. Cost will be $55 per month.


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