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Prepares high school students to do college level chemistry.

10th –12th Grade

This class gives students a strong foundation in chemistry, preparing them for college-level work. In this class we will “learn about the matter that makes up God’s creation and how it changes.”  We will employ precision in our measurements, calculations and lab work, memorization of new vocabulary, scientific laws, and the periodic table and a little diversion when we watch things change color or temperature in our experiments. Students will keep a notebook including homework, classwork, tests and lab reports for each of the over 25 labs.

Teacher: Betsy Saroni. For a complete list of our teachers and their biographies click here.

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This course receives 1 credit (1/2 each semester) and qualifies as high school lab science.

Time:This is a full year course that meets for 1½ hours, 2 day per week.

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 (a must!!)

Teacher: Betsy Saroni

Required Textbook: Apologia Chemistry (2nd ed.)


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