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A one year overview of world history and geography.

7th-8th Grades


Exploring the rich heritage and legacy of Texas from early days to present. Major events, people, issues, and conflicts provide a framework for exploring the development of Texas culture. These include early inhabitants, Spanish colonization, independence from Mexico, nationhood, statehood, and the significance of Texas as part of the United States.

Students will investigate regional geography, land and water use. This course at the impact of scientific discoveries as well as the political, economic, and social development of Texas; and the economy of Texas as it is interdependent with that of the United States and that of other nations of the world.

Course Length: Full year

This course is part of the God’s Tapestry Multi-Credit curriculum and student receives 3 credits: World History, Texas Literature and Texas State Geography.

Highly recommended as Middle School history class.

Time: This class meets in one 1.5 -hour session per week. See Schedules & Costs below for dates, time, and costs for the current year.

Textbook: This class has 2 textbooks which are used all year: Texas: An Illustrated History by John Perry; Hippocrene Books (New York, 2011) and It Happened in Texas by James A. Crutchfield; Towdot Press (Guilford, Connecticut, 2008.

Teacher: Byron Clark.  For a complete list of our teachers and their biographies click here


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