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What is Quo Vadis Educators?

Quo Vadis means "Where are you going?" a question we should all ask ourselves now and then and one especially important to our children. This aptly summarizes the question we put before our students: how do we view our world from a divine perspective and what is our responsibility in and to the world around us?

Not a school

Quo Vadis is here to serve the home-school community and those involved in alternative, parent-directed education. For this reason we are not a school in the traditional sense though we do provide almost everything academically that a school might. We are here to supplement your home education efforts and our classes have the expectation that you are overseeing your child’s work.

Classical Christianity

Quo Vadis Educators is about education in the fullest sense of the word: to present what the Christian leader and author of Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift, called Classical Christianity, a true biblical Christianity which still appreciates the best of classical Western Civilization. The Quo Vadis motto "Salvi Excolantur" ("Having saved, civilize") captures the aim of our study well– to grasp the truths regarding God’s eternal kingdom and to promote civilization (fruitful society) as a godly aim. Above all we are concerned with "bearing fruit unto every good work" and we approach this from two angles–

1.) Personal - the godliness and character we need to demonstrate in our personal lives.

2.) Institutional - the principles of fruitfulness in the church and in the civilization of which we are a part. Thus we emphasize such things as personal stewardship (career), marriage, family, obligations to civil authority, participating fruitfully in our society, etc.

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum, God’s Tapestry, is intended as a careful interweaving of the various components of the humanities from a Christian perspective and includes such things as world-view studies, Bible doctrine, Old and New Testament overview, history, classical literature, principles of government, and art and music appreciation and interpretation. While we are mindful of what is taught in the public schools Quo Vadis does not attempt to copy the curriculum of the public schools whose aims are not based on Christian values. At the same time our classes are of the highest caliber and prepare students well for easy entrance into college.

Who are the Quo Vadis Teachers?

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Testimonials: What do others have to say about Quo Vadis?

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