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[Fall 2017-18]


"Serving the Home-School Community"

God’s Tapestry Multiple-Credit Classes

[For times and costs for all Fall/Spring classes see Schedule and Costs section.]

[All the following clesses are available Fall 2016 unless otherwise noted.]

QV History/Worldview multi-credit courses include: History, Literature, Writing, History, Geography, Government, Art History, Bible, and more.  Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May:

History 101: World History "QUICK TOUR". Time line, people, places, events.
Grades 7-12. Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May.  $55/mn.

History 102: Western Civilization & Worldview I - Ancient History
Biblical framework for History.  Grades 9-12; Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May. $60/mo.

History 103: Western Civilization & Worldview II - Renaissance/ Reformation.
Grades 9-12. Offered alternating years. Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May. $60/mn.
[NOT Available Fall 2017]

History 104: American History & Government
Biblical and civilizational principles which have defined American greatness.
Grades 10-12. Offered alternating years. Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May. $60/mn.

History 105: Government AP: Political Systems - Theory & principles of different forms of govt.  
Grades 10-12.   Offered alternating years. Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May. $60/mn.[Available Fall 2017]

TEXAS History & Geography - . Heritage and legacy from early days to present. Major events, people, issues, conflicts, and development of Texas culture. Grades 7-8 (and high school elective). Instructor: Byron Clark.  Sept-May. $55/mn. [NOT AVAILABLE IN 2017-18]

Other Middle School and High School courses:

Spanish 1: Grades 9-12; Instructor: Ana Clark.  Sept-May. $55/mn.

Spanish 2: Grades 10-12; Instructor: Ana Clark.  Sept-May. $55/mn. [NOT Available Fall 2017]

New! Good Food for a Great Life: Teens and parents; Instructor: Deborah Waterman. Sept-Dec. $50/mn.

Physical Science: This class gives students a broad introduction in the physical sciences, preparing them for upper-level work. Grades 8-9;  Instr: Betsy Saroni. $55/mo + lab fee. [NOT Available Fall 2017]

Chemistry: This class gives students a strong foundation in chemistry, preparing them for college-level work. Grades 10-12;  Instr: Betsy Saroni. $60/mo + lab fee.  Algebra is a prerequisite. [NOT Available Fall 2017]

Physics: This class gives students a strong foundation in physics, preparing them for college-level work. Grades 10-12;  Instr: Betsy Saroni. $60/mo + lab fee.  Algebra and Geometry are prerequisites. [NOT Available Fall 2017]

Pre-Algebra will be taught Monday/Wednesday from 1:15p to 2:15p and Algebra 1 from 12n to 1p. These courses will prepare the student for further upper-level math and science courses. Instr: Ana Clark. $55 per month. [NOT Available Fall 2017]


Fine Arts, Research and Development

Theater Basics (Fall only); 
Grades 7-12; for newbies or experienced actors. No auditions! Instr: A Clark. $60/mo. Instr: A Clark.  $60/mo. 

Grades 7-12, by audition (see info on front page).Fall Production, "The Miracle Worker," The story of Annie Sullivan’s struggle to teach blind and deaf Helen Keller how to communicate.Instr: Ana Clark. $60/mo (Sept-Dec). Spring Production, "Peter Pan" - pirates, Indians, Darlings, a feisty Tinkerbell, and lots of fun. This large-cast play will audition in December (dates to be announced.Instr: Ana Clark. $60/mo (Jan-May).


Research Paper Writing (Spring only); 
Grades 10-12; Instr: Byron Clark.  $55/mo. 

Speech Communications (Fall only); 
Grades 10-12; Instr: Ana and Byron Clark.  $55/mo. 

All Classes held at Household of Faith Church, 1550 Wynn Joyce, Garland 75043.  

For info or to register for classes: (469) 777-1307;

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