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[Previously called History 105]


Grades 9-12. Available alternating years

From Puritan theocracy to current socialism we look into the biblical and civilizational principles which have defined American greatness and follow the mistakes which have led us to current problems. The class uniquely begins with current times in the Fall semester and works backward through the 20th century. This allows students to begin with their own generation and do such assignments as interviewing their parents and grand-parents to gain insight from their "living history" sources. The Spring Semester then begins at the beginning of the European discovery of America and notes the changes which have occurred since that time. The class time involves interacting with material from the textbook and lectures on the institutions and issues of American history with special emphasis on a Christian viewpoint. In this course we also study the basics of the American constitutional system.

Recommended for sophomores-seniors. This class meets in two 1½ - hour sessions a week. (See Schedules & Costs for dates, time, and costs for the current year.)


Required text: The Idiots Guide to American History, 4th edition by Alan Axelrod.  This is not the latest edition but it is readily available at Amazon.com for $15-$20.  A used edition is fine.

Literature materials may be found in the public library and new or used bookstores.

This course is part of the Gods Tapestry Multi-Credit curriculum and the student receives 2 1/2 credits: American History, American Literature (English credit) and 1/2 credit in Government.

Teacher: Byron Clark. For a complete list of our teachers and their biographies click here.





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