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The Education Triangle

Quo Vadis Educators are here to assist home-directed education. The parent is a vital part of the education triangle, along with the student and the instructor. Classes are designed with the necessity of parental involvement. Since students attend class only 2 to 3 hours a week, much of the work needs to be done at home under parental direction. Some students are self-motivated; others need more "help."

Instructors are available by phone or email throughout the school year. Please express your questions or concerns to them as they come up.Parent Attendance Required

One or both parents should attend the scheduled Orientation with their student(s) in the Fall. A January orientation will be held for those who did not attend any Fall classes. A semester overview, class requirements and expectations, and other important information will be given.

Dress Code

The purpose of our dress code is to promote a neat and conservative look for the students while in attendance at QV.  The following will help us achieve this look.  Please look beyond the “letter of the law” to the spirit of it.

Attire and accessories should be modest, attractive, neat, and clean.



Button-down shirts, tucked in
Collared polo shirts (worn out or in)
Slacks, khakis, or neat fitted jeans (worn at the waist)
Shoes, athletic shoes
Moderate hair length, color, and style

T-shirts or jerseys
Sleeveless shirts or tank/muscle shirts
Baggy pants, sags, or torn jeans
Shorts, pajama pants, or sweat pants
Sandals, slippers, or flip-flops
Un-natural hair colors
Body/tongue pierced jewelry or earrings
Anything deemed inappropriate or distracting


Modest blouse worn tucked in or out
Knit tops or collared polo shirts (worn in or out)
Slacks/pants or neat fitted jeans worn at the waist
Dresses or skirts knee length or longer
Shoes, athletic shoes, sandals
Moderate hair color and style 

T-shirts or tank tops; narrow straps
Short, tight, low-cut, or sheer tops
Shorts, skorts, or capris
Torn jeans/pants
Bare midriffs; hip-hugger styles
Short dresses/skirts
Pajama pants or sweat pants
Slippers or flip-flops
Un-natural hair colors
Body or tongue pierced jewelry, multiple earrings
Anything deemed inappropriate or distracting


Each student’s parents will enforce the dress code (preferably before the student arrives for class) and the instructors will monitor it as needed, but we want students to develop their own good judgment in this area.  Your hours at Quo Vadis will be good rehearsal for your entrance into the adult world and an opportunity to shine for Christ.

For Summer classes:

The above applies with the exception that they can wear modest shorts such as walking shorts.


Schedule & Costs
For Fall/Spring classes see Schedule and Costs section.
For Summer Classes see the Summer schedule.

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