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High School Multiple Credit

Course: A history based humanities and social sciences curriculum with instruction seamlessly interwoven into a challenging multi-credit and multi-track four year Christian education for your 14 to 18 year old boy or girl.


  • Combines home-school study with classroom teaching
  • Age appropriate for high school
  • Focuses on truths, not just facts
  • Multi-credit humanities course
  • Accelerated program for advanced students available
  • Designed to enhance home schooling
  • Work is based on student research and initiative
  • Seamlessly interwoven high school humanities studies
  • Principles approach providing a framework for a Christian world view
  • Thoroughly Christian and evangelical


    Just as a tapestry is a seamless interweaving of various threads over the warp and woof strings of a great loom to form an overall picture so the Quo Vadis Tapestry seamlessly interweaves the humanities in one combined curriculum using a principles approach to isolate God’s overarching truths from the myriad of facts, the "threads" of God’s tapestry called history. The warp strings represent the view from the pinnacle of God’s temple, so to speak. It is the high view that sees God’s great redemptive work in its fullness and to His glory alone. Man is seen in all his sinfulness and frailty and his righteousness as filthy rags.

    The woof strings represent our daily life of walking among all the other pilgrim’s on life’s journey. Here we are concerned with what kind of life is good and what kind of society is best and what our particular vocation might be as well as such issues as marriage and child raising. It is not disconnected from the issue of redemption but it is not the same question either. It concerns promoting and preserving what we call civilization – fruitful society.

    Taking our cue from God’s mission for us to be fruitful through subduing and ruling we look from the dual perspective of God’s eternal redemptive work and as fellow workers with a myriad of others attempting to preserve and promote Christian Civilization. These two concepts: the eternal kingdom and Christian Civilization glance our stewardship in this life and the next.


    God’s Tapestry combines a four year chronological study of history from a Christian world view combined with a study of some of the greatest Christian and classical literature appropriate to each period. Includes a thorough study of key portions of key Old and New Testament books. Church history is also carefully interwoven with the secular history of the period to give the students a fully integrated view of the time line of history. We look into the minds and hearts of each period by a study of arts and ideas that will give the students not only an appreciation for the finest examples of beauty but a discerning look at true and false concepts as they are represented in the music and visual arts of the time. Interwoven with this is a thoroughly evangelical study of important doctrines of systematic theology, world view studies and Christian Apologetics from the greatest theologians of history as well as the study of philosophic issues appropriate to Christian thought. American history, government and economics are also interwoven at their appropriate places.

    **God’s Tapestry should not be confused with a strict self-study or correspondence course or with a traditional school curriculum of classes and homework. God’s Tapestry is committed to helping home-schooling parents with their task at the high school level. It works best with regular parental oversight and is really home-schooling with supplementary lectures to give the interaction of ideas and expertise that helps in the educational task. This is an ideal combination: home-schooling with a high quality curriculum and added classroom instruction by a well- trained teacher.


    Subjects that are interwoven over 4 years:

    • Western History, Ancient to Modern times (4 years,4 credits)
    • American History (1 year, 1 credit)
    • English - The Literary Classics; Great Books of the Western World; Christian Classics (5 yrs, 5 credits)
    • Art history and appreciation (2 years, 1 full credit)
    • Geography (1 year, 1 credit) Bible (1 year, 1 credit)
    • Systematic Theology and Apologetics; Christian world view studies and philosophy (interwoven throughout)
    • Government (1 year, 1 credit)
    • Time management and classroom skills (throughout)
    • Civilization Core Principles (throughout)
    • Texas History and Geography available for Middle School or as a High School elective

    Collateral add-ons available to fill out your education ( varies from year to year) such as English Report Writing and Speech Communication.  You can receive 22 out of 26 high school recommended courses through Quo Vadis.  Add advanced math or science through dual credit and sports or art and complete your curriculum!


    HISTORY 101: "QUICK TOUR" OF WORLD HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY. A one year literature based overview of world history and geography with emphasis on the persons, places and major events of history. 3 credit course.

    HISTORY 102: DIVINE VIEWPOINT FRAMEWORK AND THE ANCIENT WORLD. A Multi-credit Western Civilization course covering a thorough study of the biblical framework for history applied to the ancient period from the beginning through Roman history. 3 credit course.

    HISTORY 103: DEVELOPMENT OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION, MIDDLE AGES THROUGH RENAISSANCE. A Multi-credit Western Civilization course covering western history from the fall of the Roman Empire through Medieval Europe and the Renaissance/Reformation period to the birth of modern times. 3½ credit course.

    HISTORY 104: AMERICAN HISTORY. From Puritan theocracy to current socialism we look into the biblical and civilizational principles which have defined American greatness and follow the mistakes which have led us to current problems. 2 credit course.

    HISTORY 105: GOVERNMENT, MODERN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS. A Multi-credit Western Civilization course covering modern history (especially European) from 1700 to the present with emphasis on political systems. 3 credit course.

    TEXAS HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY (for Middle School): A Multi-credit course covers Texas heritage and legacy from early days to present. 3 credit course. High schoolers can take this as a history elective.

    NOTE: Not every course is offered each year. Usually two to three courses are offered each year in alternating years. Click on links above or see Fall/Spring Schedule for which courses are being offered in the coming year.


    Two God's Tapestry courses (History 102  and 103) have two different tracks (levels of difficulty), Honors or Standard, to accommodate different student study levels. All students do the Standard level work and Honors students add additional work*.

    All tracks are multiple credit. The Honors Track receives additional credit.


    Standard – Requires approximately 3-4 hours of home-study time per week in addition to 3 hours of class time and is designed for moderately self-disciplined students or for potential Honors students with a lot of other activities.

    Honors – Requires approximately 6-8 hours of home-study time per week in addition to the 3 hours of class time and is designed for disciplined and motivated students with good reading and writing skills who are not involved in a lot of other activities.

    *If you are undecided between two tracks it is generally better to choose the higher track. You can always drop back but it would be very difficult to catch up during the semester when moving to a higher track.

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